Jokowi: Island and archipelagic countries are most vulnerable to climate change

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that island and archipelagic countries that are members of the Archipelagic and Island State (AIS) Summit are the countries most vulnerable to being affected by climate change.

“So, archipelagic countries and island states are the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change,” said President Widodo in his statement after closing the AIS Summit in Bali, Wednesday.

According to the President, innovation and technology are needed to overcome the impacts of climate change.

Jokowi added that the AIS Forum encourages the development of innovation that covers four areas of cooperation, namely climate change mitigation and adaptation, implementation of the blue economy, protection of marine ecosystems, and advancement of good marine governance.

“And as an archipelagic country, of course this will be very beneficial for the community because the sea is a source of life, especially for fishermen. And we can apply the innovations found. I think that is the most important thing,” he explained.

In his presentation, President Jokowi explained that the implementation of the AIS Summit was one of Indonesia’s commitments to work together at a higher level, as well as to become an international organization in taking concrete steps to handle regional and world issues, as well as to continue to voice the interests of developing countries. and island countries.

The AIS Summit agreed to uphold the principles of solidarity, equality and inclusiveness as a common basis for working together. (mhn/bbs)


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