President Jokowi inaugurates General Agus Subiyanto as Army Chief of Staff

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) appointed TNI General Agus Subiyanto as Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army (KSAD), replacing TNI General Dudung Abdurachman.

The inauguration of the TNI Army Chief of Staff was carried out simultaneously with the inauguration of the Minister of Agriculture and the Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina at the State Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Guided by President Jokowi, General Agus took his oath of office to always be loyal to the 1945 Constitution and carry out all laws and regulations strictly for the sake of the dharma of service to the nation and state.

“In carrying out my duties, I will uphold office ethics, work to the best of my ability with a full sense of responsibility. “That I will uphold the soldier’s oath,” said Agus.

Agus is a 1991 graduate of the Military Academy (Akmil) who pursued his career as a first officer in the Red Beret Corps (Kopassus).

He once served as Head of Operations Section (Kasi) for Sector A Group 3/Pusdikpassus (Special Forces Education Center) in Timor-Timor, then Commander of Battalion (Danyon) 22/Manggala Yudha Group 2 Kopassus/Sandi Yudha based in Kartasura, Central Java , and Head of Information (Kapen) of the Special Forces Command (Kopassus).

Over a period of approximately 18 years, Agus began filling strategic positions, including Commander of Kodim (Dandim) 0735/Surakarta (2009–2011). During that time, President Jokowi still served as Mayor of Surakarta.

Then he served as Deputy Assistant for Operations (Waasops) to the Chief of Staff of the 2nd Infantry Division/TNI AD Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad) in 2011–2014, Assistant for Operations to the Chief of Staff of Kodam (Kasdam) I/Bukit Barisan (2014–2015), Associate Lecturer at the Staff College and TNI AD Command (Seskoad) in 2015, middle officer of the TNI AD Headquarters Detachment (2015–2016), Commander of the Main Regiment of Kodam (Danrindam) II/Sriwijaya (2016–2017).

Agus began to break out of stardom and attained the status of a high-ranking one-star officer when he served as Commander of Korem (Danrem) 132/Tadulako (2017–2018).

Then, he served as Deputy Commander of the Infantry Weapons Center of the Indonesian Army Doctrine, Education and Training Command (Wadanpussenif Kodiklatad) in 2019–2020, continuing as Danrem 061/Surya Kencana in 2020.

Agus’s military career continued to thrive, especially when he became Commander of the Presidential Security Forces (Danpaspampres) in 2020–2021, which automatically increased his rank one level to major general.

Agus was also one of the TNI officers who was in Jokowi’s close circle from when he was Mayor of Surakarta until finally President of the Republic of Indonesia.

He then continued to carry out his duties as Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) III/Siliwangi (2021–2022), then Deputy Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army accompanying General Dudung from 2022 to 25 October 2023. (mhn/bbs)


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