Two injured victims of the Cicalengka accident are still being treated in hospital

Bandung, The Indonesia Post – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) stated that two injured victims of a train accident in Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, are currently still being treated in hospital.

“Yes, it is true that there are two victims who are still being treated,” said KAI Main Director Didiek Hartantyo when met at KAI Head Office in Bandung, Saturday.

Based on the information he received, said Didiek, the two victims consisted of two women, the first was a mother who had just given birth.

“One, after giving birth there was a bruise on the head, and today we did a CT scan to see the impact (of the accident) and we are responsible for all the treatment,” he said.

The other victim is a pregnant woman eight months pregnant who will then be transferred to hospital to receive more intensive care.

“Another woman, eight months pregnant, was also transferred to a more appropriate hospital so that treatment could be better handled and all medical costs would be borne by PT Kereta Api Indonesia,” he said.

It was reported that a train accident occurred between the Turangga Train (Surabaya-Bandung) and the Bandung Raya Commuter Line Train (Padalarang-Cicalengka) on the road between Haurpugur Station and Cicalengka Station on Friday (5/1) at around 06.00 WIB.

In this accident, PT KAI reported that four victims died, consisting of the driver, assistant flight attendant driver, and Polsuska who was on duty on the train.

Then, at least 33 people were injured and taken to four nearby hospitals, namely Cicalengka Regional Hospital, Edelweis Hospital, AMC Hospital and Santosa Hospital for treatment.

PT KAI also said that a number of train trips via Operational Area (Daop) 2 Bandung were engineered to detour or be canceled as a result of this train collision accident.

The evacuation of the two unfortunate trains, said by PT KAI, was successfully carried out early Saturday morning and was normalized and declared safe by the Daop 2 Bandung Road and Bridge team at 06.30 WIB.

Then the train route was tested with two locomotives at a speed of 5 km/hour at 07.28 WIB, which means that the route can now be passed at a limited speed. (mhn/bbs)


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