Fatoni Invites Media as Government Partners to Make South Sumatra More Advanced

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting (Pj) Governor of South Sumatra Agus Fatoni visited with Media Leaders and Heads of Company Organizations at Griya Agung, Thursday (12/10/2023).

This activity was attended by the South Sumatra Regional Secretary, SA Supriono, Assistants within the South Sumatra Provincial Government, the Chair of the South Sumatra Journalist Association (PWI), Firdaus Komar, the Head of the RRI Palembang LPP, Rahma Juwita, and the Heads of the South Sumatra OPD.

“My presence here is because I was assigned. Therefore, I cannot work alone and need cooperation and collaboration from all parties. Let’s build South Sumatra according to their respective positions. Whoever the governor is must be supported together so that the image of South Sumatra gets better. Because whatever “What happens here, if it is published, will be known to the public at large,” he said.

Fatoni said the media has an important role, the media can make an image better or worse depending on the narrative. Dialogues need to be carried out so that we have the same understanding and goals.

“Discuss every existing problem, align perceptions. This is important, especially since the media plays a role as a forum for information. Policies can be drawn from information and data,” he explained.

Apart from that, the media also plays a role in educating, entertaining the public, social control for the government, and as a government partner in supporting South Sumatra to progress, develop and improve the welfare of the community.

“I want to do a lot while I am assigned as Acting Governor because all the good we do will have an impact on our lives.

Regarding politics, our task is to make the regional elections and elections a success. We must be neutral and the media also needs to remind us if the Government appears to be neutral or even unneutral.

Currently, the agenda that needs to be supported together in the near future is handling forest and land fires. Also controlling inflation, extreme poverty, stunting, and the implementation of elections and regional elections. The role of the media is needed to educate the public. (mhn/ril)


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