Acting Governor A. Fatoni Invites Media to Become Informative and Educative

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting (Acting) Governor of South Sumatra Agus Fatoni received and welcomed the Audience of the Chief Editors of the Sriwijaya Post and Tribun South Sumatra in the context of friendship and presentation of the implementation of the “Mutual Cooperation Initiative for the Alleviation of Stunting and Extreme Poverty” held in the Living Room of the Governor of South Sumatra, Wednesday (25 /10/2023).

Fatoni hopes that the South Sumatra Provincial Government and the media, in this case Sripo and South Sumatra Tribune, will continue to improve the cooperation that has existed previously and continue to improve.

“We are partners, especially in carrying out our obligations to make the nation and state better, especially in South Sumatra. Thank you for your support so far,” he said.

He said that the South Sumatra Provincial Government also continues to evaluate its performance. And for this reason, the media is expected to be a control for the government in providing services to the community.

“The release is important because I know there is a need for information that needs to be reported. So we need support. So please if there is other creativity that can be collaborated with,” he said.

In principle, he supports every creativity from the media according to existing capabilities. According to him, the media is tasked with spreading goodness with information that is educative and useful and does not contain provocative or slanderous elements.

Meanwhile, the Chief Editor of Sriwijaya Post and Tribun Sumsel, Yudi Thirzano, introduced the existence of Sripo and Tribun Sumsel as well as the cooperation that has been established between the South Sumatra Provincial Government and its parties.

“We hope to be able to support the Acting Governor in carrying out his duties and carrying out development in South Sumatra through collaboration,” he concluded. (mhn/ril)


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