Acting Governor Fatoni hopes One Village One House Tahfidz Program will continue

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting (Pj) Governor of South Sumatra Agus Fatoni attended the Inauguration Event for the Management of the Indonesian Tahsin and Tahfidz House (RTTI).

The event was also attended by the Governor of South Sumatra for the 2018-2023 period, H Herman Deru, Tahsin House Trustee and Tahfidz Ustadz. Yusuf Mansyur, Regent of Musi Rawas Ir. H. Ratna Mahmud. Located at Hotel Malaka Palembang, Saturday (21 October 2023).

Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Fatoni, in his speech said that today’s event should be used as an experience and a beautiful memory that can increase love for the Al-Qur’an so that there is more enthusiasm for memorizing it.

“Also as an incentive for all of us to increase our devotion to Allah SWT, and also to be able to establish friendship between tahfidz houses in South Sumatra. Thank you to all the Ustadz/Ustadzah who educate and guide the students so that today they can continue their education further “Hopefully the knowledge that has been given so far will be a blessing and will be useful for Nusa and the nation and can take part in national and international events,” said Fatoni.

Fatoni hopes that the One Village One House Tahfidz Program can continue with other programs in an effort to create a future generation of young people through Human Resource Investment in the form of the Tahfidz Qur’an (BTQ) Scholarship Program.

On that occasion, the Governor of South Sumatra for the 2018-2012 period, H Herman Deru, received an award as the Inspirator of Rumah Tahsin and Tahfidz Indonesia. As is known, through Herman Deru’s initiation with a target of 1 village 1 Tahfidz house, of which there are 3,500 villages in South Sumatra, the number has now exceeded this target. (mhn/ril)


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