Extreme Drought, South Sumatra Provincial Government Holds Istisqo Prayers

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – The Governor of South Sumatra H Herman Deru attended the Istisqo Prayer with the South Sumatra Provincial Government. HD explained that the Istisqo prayer which was being held was a form of effort by all of us to ask Allah SWT to send down rain in the midst of the hot weather due to El Nino which is currently hitting a number of regions in Indonesia.

“Considering the many impacts that arise due to the dry season, the Health Service is actively providing education in the form of appeals to the public to always wear masks when outside the home. In the last few months in South Sumatra there has been no rain at all. We hope through our prayers “What we all prayed this morning will be accepted by Allah,” said HD.

HD continued, “For a long time, the Provincial Government has been trying with all its might and ability to overcome the impact of the drought, including anticipating the occurrence of forest and land fires. Fire extinguishers also continued to struggle to extinguish the fire during the forest and land fires.

“I advise the public to be economical in water use during the dry season and for the community to be active in preserving nature,” he concluded. (mhn/ril)


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