Ministry devises steps to fight hoaxes ahead of 2024 elections

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has said that it has devised several strategies for preventing hoaxes related to political issues that could harm the public ahead of the 2024 General Elections.

“First, we have prepared digital literacy (resources) for first-time voters so that they can seek information from valid sources,” the Ministry’s Director General of Public Information and Communication Usman Kansong said at an online discussion on “Anticipating Hoaxes in the Election Year,” which was followed from here on Wednesday.

The digital literacy program for first-time voters is a part of the ministry’s efforts to realize the vision of accelerating the national digital transformation.

He said the program is important for checking the circulation of hoaxes on social media as it will teach first-time voters on using the “filter method” before sharing information.

“We invite the public to be critical with all information on social media by not sharing it immediately, but ask them to check the truth first,” Kansong said.

Furthermore, the ministry will support vulnerable groups, such as people residing in remote areas, the elderly, and people with disabilities, by providing them access to the right information.

This strategy will be implemented through the community information groups (KIMs) formed in the regions.

These groups have been tasked with educating the members of the vulnerable groups so they can ignore misleading news, especially ahead of the 2024 political year.

The ministry is also collaborating with influencers, such as religious leaders and community leaders who are active locally, by inviting them to educate people living in the regions about the difference between verified news and hoaxes.

In addition, the ministry is involving political elites in preventing the spread of false news, including hate speech and negative campaigns.

The ministry is also involving election organizing agencies such as the General Elections Commission (KPU) and the General Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) in handling hoaxes. (mhn/bbs)


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