Sandiaga: Culture is the strength of Indonesian products to attract foreign entrepreneurs

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno stated that culture is a strength for products made in Indonesia to attract foreign entrepreneurs to be interested in working together or collaborating in a program.

“This is due to the innovation and creativity of our creative economy players and one of our strengths is cultural strength,” said Sandiaga when met by ANTARA in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Responding to the potential of Indonesian culture which is now starting to be attracted by foreign entrepreneurs to collaborate in the fields of fashion to automotive, Sandiaga said that in his observations, the potential of the nation’s culture which is increasingly well-known on the international stage shows a very positive trend. This can be proven by the position of Indonesia’s creative economy, which is currently in the top three in the world.

Sandiaga continued with other achievements that prove that Indonesian culture has its own charm, namely that a number of world-renowned fashion brands are interested in collaborating to release products using traditional fabrics, such as Christian Dior, which some time ago used endek fabric from Bali.

However, according to Sandiaga, Indonesia’s wealth which is introduced to the world should not focus only on culture. Because there are many other national treasures that can be explored in more depth to attract the interest of foreign entrepreneurs in getting to know the country.

For example, handicrafts from crafts or traditional culinary arts such as rendang, satay, soto, gado-gado and fried rice, as well as flora and fauna such as Komodo dragons are also worth introducing.

The flora and fauna, said Sandiaga, can be used as unique designs for exotic locally made products.

ÔÇťApart from Komodo dragons, we also have many other fauna. There is a bird of paradise, this will also be part of its conservation later. “Then there are orangutans or in Sulawesi there are anoas, tarsiers and elephants,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding trends that are of interest to other countries, Sandiaga admitted that they are currently very interested in Indonesian films, music in the dangdut koplo genre and intellectual property which refers to wealth born from human intellectual abilities, for example animation and games.

“There are also many Indonesian herbal medicines that are popular overseas, based on culture and health,” said Sandiaga. (mhn/bbs)


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