South Sumatra Legislative Council conducts visits to Lubuk Linggau City Regional Secretary’s Office

Lubuk Linggau, The Indonesia Post – Chairperson of the South Sumatra Province Legislative Council (DPRD), Dr. Hj. R.A. Anita Noeringhati, SH., MH., together with DPRD Member, H. Hasbi Asadiki, S.Sos., MM., made a working visit (Kunker) to the Lubuk Linggau City Regional Secretariat Office in the Context of Synchronizing the 2023 Fiscal Year APBD. Friday (22/9/2023).

The visit was received by Acting. Lubuk Linggau City Regional Secretary, Mr. H. Tamri and staff in the Lubuk Linggau City Regional Secretary’s Work Room.

One of the agendas and objectives of the presence of the number one person in the Bumi Sriwijaya legislature is to ensure the realization and evaluation of the South Sumatra Governor’s assistance (bangub) allocated to Lubuklinggau City has been maximized and its impact has been felt by the community.

“We are holding a friendly meeting with the new officials, and also want to see how development is going in Lubuklinggau City at the moment, and how the Subdistrict Building that we have allocated to Lubuklinggau is being realized,” she said.

According to her, during the three terms of the South Sumatra DPRD she knew very well how many Bangub the South Sumatra Provincial Government had poured into Lubuklinggau, including the construction of Siti Aisyah Regional Hospital, Petanang Regional Hospital and other developments such as roads and other infrastructure.

“The granting of Bangub depends on the activity of the region and Lubuklinggau is one of them,” she stressed.

Anita said that during a dialogue with the Lubuklinggau City Regional Secretary, she received information about the Lubuklinggau City Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) which was experiencing a decline, where in the 2023 revised APBD it reached IDR 1.1 trillion, but in the 2024 main APBD it fell to IDR 890 billion .

“The causal factor is that there are several sources of PAD that we cannot press, but we are grateful that even though it is like that, the withdrawal of PAD sources here is not just withdrawn, but still pays attention to the welfare of the community,” she explained.

Finally, she advised the Acting Mayor to continue and maintain what had been outlined by previous officials.

“What exists must be continued and maintained, don’t change it,” she said. (ojn/ril)


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