Malaysia distributed IDR 3.3 billion to Palestine starting Tuesday

Kuala Lumpur, The Indonesia Post – Malaysia will distribute funds of 1 million ringgit (RM) or around Rp. 3.3 billion starting tomorrow, Tuesday (10/10), to help the Palestinian people.

“We will discuss the form of assistance outside the parliamentary session,” said Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in a Parliamentary Session which was attended online in Kuala Lumpur, Monday.

He said the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had agreed to channel RM1 million collected from the Amanah Rakyat Palestine account which was a form of humanitarian aid and donations from the Malaysian people.

Zahid also invited members of parliament who were present at the session that day to participate in distributing their humanitarian aid outside the courtroom.

He raised the issue of tensions currently occurring in Palestine in this parliamentary session. And received support from opposition members in parliament for the Malaysian Government’s stance and foreign policy which supports the struggle to liberate land and the rights of the Palestinian people.

Zahid asked for support from members of parliament for the position taken by the Malaysian government. He gave several reasons for taking this stance, namely, first, Malaysia is worried about the increasing tensions in Palestine, where thousands of lives have been lost, including innocent ordinary people, as well as the number of injured people which is increasing and causing significant loss of property. priceless.

Second, the United Nations (UN) needs to take immediate action to ensure that all parties stop all acts of violence and fighting in order to respect and protect ordinary people.

Third, the international community needs to increase pressure on all parties to stop fighting immediately for the sake of regional security and stability.

Fourth, the absolute right of the Palestinian people to be free from Israeli occupation must be pursued. Land seized by Israel and the right to form an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Baitul Maqdis as the capital of the country.

Member of Parliament Indera Mahkota Dato’ Sri Saifuddin Abdullah, who is also a former Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said there are two things that must be emphasized, namely that the Palestinian people have the right from any angle to defend themselves.

And the whole world, according to him, must accept that and must provide solidarity by rejecting the views of certain parties, especially those behind Israel.

“The problem is that if Palestinians defend themselves using military methods, they are called terrorists. We should not call them terrorists. When they do not use violence, they are accused of violence. “We must not accuse them of using violence,” said Saifuddin.

‚ÄúThird, when they speak out, they are called provoking. We should not call them provoking. Fourth, if people like us outside Palestine support the Palestinian struggle and oppose Zionists, we are accused of being antisemetic. “We must not call us or accuse us of being antisemetic,” he continued.

“Fifth, if Jews oppose Israel’s Zionist atrocities they are called ‘self-hating Jews’. We shouldn’t say they are like that. Because they are supporters of the Palestinian people’s struggle. “We will support them,” said Saifuddin.

He said there must be an immediate solution to stop the fighting. But the solution must not be a return to the status quo, because that is what has happened for 75 years in Palestine.

A settlement is only on condition that Israel’s illegitimate occupation and the basis of apartheid are resolved. “We just agreed,” he said. (mhn/bbs)


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