Minister of Trade strongly condemned the Israeli attack on the Indonesian Hospital in the Gaza Strip

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Chairman of the DPP National Mandate Party (PAN) Zulkifli Hasan or Zulhas strongly condemned the Israeli military air attack that targeted the Indonesian Hospital in Beilt Lahiya in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, Saturday (7/10).

“We strongly condemn any party that ignores human rights, humanity and independence,” said Zulhas in Jakarta, Sunday.

The Minister of Trade said that the attack showed that Israel had carried out actions that deprived the country of its right to independence, sovereignty and its people to live.

“Any party that takes away the country’s right to independence, let alone people’s right to live, we strongly condemn,” he stressed.

Earlier, a correspondent for the official Palestinian news agency WAFA said at least one Israeli missile hit the Indonesian Hospital in Beilt Lahiya.

As a result of the attack carried out by Israel on the hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, a medical officer was declared dead. The attack also injured a number of other people and damaged important hospital equipment.

The Indonesian Hospital in the Gaza Strip has been operating since December 2015, built using funds from donations from the Indonesian people.

The health facility has a capacity of 110 beds and provides a variety of health services, including inpatient services, operating room, ICU and emergency department.

Four Palestinians were also previously declared dead in Israeli attacks in the northern and central Gaza Strip, according to the WAFA report.

The Israeli attack was a response to attacks by Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip who fired a barrage of rockets into its territory on Saturday morning local time.

Anadolu reported that rocket salvos were fired from various locations in areas surrounded by Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip. However, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system succeeded in thwarting the attack in several areas.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas, announced that rocket attacks on enemy territory, airports and military installations had begun.

“5,000 rockets and shells were fired from Gaza towards Israel in the first 20 minutes of the operation,” said the Al-Qassam Brigades in a statement quoted on Saturday (7/10).

Meanwhile, the Israeli military has stated that it is ready to fight and mobilized reserve troops on a large scale in response to the attack. (mhn/bbs)


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