Biden: US troops will defend Taiwan if attacked by China

Washington, The Indonesia Post – US President Joe Biden said US troops would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack from China.

The statement – the most explicit so far regarding the Taiwan and China issues – was made by Biden in an interview with CBS on the “60 Minutes” program broadcast on Sunday (18/9).

Asked in the interview whether US troops would defend Taiwan claimed by China, Biden replied: “Yes, if in fact, there has been an unprecedented (Chinese) attack”.

When asked to clarify whether he meant that US troops, both male and female, would defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion by China, Biden simply replied: “Yes.”

The interview is Biden’s latest comment that seems to transcend US foreign policy on Taiwan.

However, Biden’s statement this time is clearer than ever regarding the deployment of US troops to defend Taiwan.

However, when asked for comment, a White House spokesman said that US policy towards Taiwan had not changed.

“The president (Biden) has said this before, including in Tokyo earlier this year. He also made it clear that US policy on Taiwan has not changed. It remains the same,” the spokesman said.

The CBS interview with Biden was conducted last week. The US president is in Britain for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday.

The United States has long been stuck on a policy of unclear whether to respond militarily to China’s attack on Taiwan.

In May 2022, Biden was asked if he was willing to engage militarily to defend Taiwan and he replied: “Yes… That’s the commitment we (the US) made.”

In the interview with CBS, Biden reiterated that the United States does not support Taiwan independence and remains committed to its “One China” policy, which means that Washington officially recognizes Beijing, not Taipei. (mhn/bbs)


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