Charles promises to follow the example of the Queen when he is proclaimed King of England

London, The Indonesia Post – King Charles III vowed on Saturday to emulate his late mother when he was formally proclaimed the new ruler of the British Empire.

The proclamation was carried out in a historic ceremony featuring centuries of tradition and a trumpet procession.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on Thursday (8/9), was followed by several days of mourning and a state funeral to be held over the next week.

Charles III, 73, soon resumed his mother’s role on Thursday, but the Accession Council of hundreds of politicians, bishops and senior civil servants in traditional heraldic costumes will proclaim his succession on Saturday.

The council, which has existed for centuries and is tasked with advising the kingdom, is made up of advisers, including his son and heir to the throne, William, his wife Camilla and the new Prime Minister Liz Truss, who signed the proclamation.

Six former prime ministers, senior bishops and a group of politicians chanted “God Save The King” as Charles III’s announcement as king was approved.

“I am well aware of this great legacy and duty, and the great responsibility of sovereignty now lies with me,” said Charles III.

“In fulfilling this responsibility, I will endeavor to follow the inspiring example of establishing constitutional government and achieving peace, harmony and the well-being of the people on these islands and in the United Kingdom’s territories around the world,” he said.

Then, on a balcony overlooking the Friary Court grounds at St James’s Palace, David White, as Garter King of Arms, read the proclamation to the sound of trumpets.

“When God Almighty grants His pardon, our late sovereign Queen Elizabeth the Second, blessed and gloriously remembered, with her death the crowns of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are entitled only to Prince Charles Philip Arthur George,” White said, proclaiming.

Soldiers in traditional crimson uniforms chanted “hip, hip, hurrah” as White called for three cheers for the king.

Hundreds of residents were allowed into the grounds to witness the ceremony, including small children sitting on their parents’ shoulders, a woman holding flowers and an elderly person sitting in her wheelchair.

Charles III was the 41st monarch in the line of Norman King William the Conqueror to usurp the English throne in 1066.

Saturday’s ceremony continued the centuries-old tradition of proclamations to announce new kings and queens and was the first such proclamation to be broadcast on television.

For most Britons, watching the event was their first experience, as Elizabeth II was the only monarch they had ever known.

Charles was just 3 years old when his mother was crowned Queen in 1952. (mhn/bbs)


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