Officers Arrest Foreign Vessels in Natuna Area, Minister Edhy Seriously Supervises Indonesian Waters

Natuna, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo said officers managed to capture a ship with a Vietnamese flag in the North Natuna area as a form of the officers’ seriousness in monitoring Indonesian waters.

He said the ships that were caught were already in Indonesia. And currently, an examination and the legal process is being carried out. And as evidence of state confiscation. If the ship is still feasible, it will be used or handed over to fishery schools or research institutions.

“We appreciate that the officers have taken steps and actions to arrest foreign ships carrying out activities in Indonesian waters. The arrest of the three ships did not meet any significant resistance, ”said Edhy Prabowo

Furthermore, Minister Edhy Prabowo said that he also coordinated with the Government of Vietnam, because we are neighbors and become the Southeast Asian region. Therefore it is necessary to coordinate, so that in the future it will warn if any ship company violating international rules will receive sanctions from that country.

“Coordination with neighboring Vietnam needs to be done. It is not only a problem of ships violating or entering Indonesian waters, but trying to build cooperation or investment in advancing in the two countries, “he said.

Edhy Prabowo directed that if there were foreign ships that violated or entered Indonesia, they would carry out persuasive arrests. But if the ship runs away and puts up a fight, then actions will be taken to sink the ship.

“If persuasive methods can be done, then our officers will always take action based on international law. Because we really respect the applicable international law, “he said.

On a working visit, Minister Edhy Prabowo also met with fishermen and tourism managers for Pandawa Beach in Kutuh Village, Badung Regency.

He hopes that fishermen and tourism managers will always prioritize health protocol rules. Because now it has entered a new era of life order.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on the life sector, including the tourism sector, which is the mainstay of the people of the Island of the Gods. Therefore, let’s build togetherness together and follow health protocols to all people and tourists visiting tourist objects, “he said. (nfl/bbs)


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