Public should participate in 2023 Floratama Academy: Minister

Lewolaba, The Indonesia Post – Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry urged Flores, Alor, Lembata, and Bima residents to partake in the 2023 Floratama Academy, a program targeting business players’ capability improvement in 33 prioritized areas of tourism and creative economy.

“I call for everyone to participate in the Floratama Academy Program. Let us be part of the collective business ecosystem,” Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, stated on Monday.

The minister delivered the statement during a Kick-Off Webinar of the 2023 Floratama Academy, accessed from Lewoleba, Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara.

The ministry consistently supports the people, especially those engaged in regional enterprises, to improve the quality of their businesses in order to support the sustainability of enterprises in Labuan Bajo’s super priority tourism destination area, Uno affirmed.

For two consecutive years, Floratama Academy was hosted, and each event ran successfully, the minister noted.

Hence, the ministry then decided to host another Floratama Academy in a bid to push the sustainability of businesses in the area, he affirmed.

Uno explained that three categories available at the event are seed category for new businesses; growth category for growing businesses that have been developing and running for two years; and community-based category for community-based businesses, with management by the people, such as tourism villages and homestays.

In each of the categories, the participants will receive materials and guidance, such as on business models, market access, as well as development planning, he remarked.

He reminded people to run businesses that will benefit others and the environment, so it would ensure an improvement in public welfare.

“Let us participate in the Floratama Academy event until its completion. Hopefully, you are able to conduct businesses that will be useful for the people and environment through (boosting) competitiveness, sharing (good practices) for others, and creating (better) welfare,” the minister affirmed.

President Director at the Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Authority Shana Fatina called for the need for an innovative initiative in the tourism and creative economy sector in Flores, Alor, Lembata, and Bima in order to boost the economy, improve the quality of human resources, and develop public welfare.

“The Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Authority is committed to creating superior and great human resources to ensure a sustainable, globally-(renowned) tourism and creative economy,” she concluded. (mhn/bbs)


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