Breaking News, Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission Arrests Two Important Officials of Muara Enim

PALEMBANG, TheIndonesiaPost – The results of the development of the Muara Enim Regent’s Caught in the Act Operations (OTT) case, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) moved quickly. Although in the midst of the dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic, the agency led by KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri continued to carry out his duties as the commander in the fight against corruption.

Confirmed directly by BeritaRakyatSumatera (The Indonesia Post group), KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri confirmed that there had been arrests of two important officials in Muara Enim Regency. “The arrest of two suspects as a result of the development of the Muara Enim corruption case investigation, on behalf of the RS and the AHB suspects this morning, Sunday, 26, April 2020. At 07.00-08.30 WIB at the suspect’s home in Palembang,” Firli said in reply via WhatsApp from TheIndonesiaPost.

According to the General from South Sumatra, the arrest was the result of an investigation because sufficient evidence had been obtained. “The KPK has obtained sufficient evidence and found the two suspects,” said Firli.

Related to the arrest, continued the man from Baturaja, the KPK did develop the Muara Enim Regent OTT case. “We are committed to eradicating corruption completely. We continue to solve corruption cases even though we face the danger of Covid-19. But eradication must not stop either by prevention or action, “said Firli.

KPK Spokesman Ali Fikri strengthened the statement of KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri, related to the arrest of the two suspects for the development of a corruption case that had entangled the Muara Enim Regent. “True, there were arrests of two suspects resulting from the development of a corruption case in Muara Enim, on behalf of RS and AHB suspects this morning Sunday, 26 April 2020 at 087.00-08.30 WIB at the suspect’s home in Palembang,” Ali Fikri told TheIndonesiaPost in reply via WhatsApp.

The arrest of two important officials in Muara Enim Regency was carried out by the KPK in collaboration with the South Sumatra Regional Police. It was explained that the South Sumatra Regional Police accompanied the KPK Team who arrested the suspect in Palembang, South Sumatra. “Yes, that’s right, we accompanied the KPK to arrest the suspect,” Kasiddit Tipidkor of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of the South Sumatra Regional Police, AKBP Dalizon, as reported by an online, last night. (eddy / asm / bbs)


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