BPJS Participant Class Will Be Removed

Jakarta, TheIndonesiaPost – The class 1, 2, and 3 system that has been in place for the independent participants of the Health Insurance Administering Body (BPJS) will be removed.

The National Social Security Council (DJSN) said the government will replace these classes with one class, namely the standard class.

“The government is preparing standard classes so that there are similarities in services and does not discriminate between participants. Going forward, the three existing classes will be changed in accordance with Law Number 40 of 2014, towards one class,” said DJSN Member Muttaqien quoted from Cable News Network Indonesia, Wednesday (5/20).

Single class or what is called by DJSN as a standard class as well as a solution to the polemic of the increase in BPJS Health fees. Including anticipation of the surge in demand for participants to drop out of class to avoid paying more.

Muttaqien was not yet willing to explain in more detail the overall class removal plan. However, he said the class removal policy would be completed by the end of this year. Progress is now claimed to have reached 70 percent.

At present, there are 11 criteria that the government uses to determine fees. Later, these criteria will be adjusted to the benefits provided.

Because the process will take time, the plan to eliminate classes into one new class will be carried out in stages starting from 2021-2022. While waiting for the readiness of the hospital.

For the initial step, the new government will establish two standard classes which are slowly merged into one class. However, it is not yet known which fees will be pegged for the class.

“Regarding subsidies in class 3 for PBPU and BP has not been decided yet. Waiting for the final results of the study and formulation of the policy. Because the results of the redefinition of the Basic Health Needs (KDK) Program JKN Program and Standard Class Inpatient will have an impact on the calculation of hospital rates and participant fees, “he said.

On a separate occasion, DJSN member Mohammad Subuh said the standard class would be the answer to the BPJS Health deficit and the principle of mutual assistance which had so far failed to be applied in BPJS Health membership. In the standard class, the definition of benefits will be confirmed according to the new fees that will be applied.

He explained that of 21 million independent participants, only 11 million were active participants or paid their contributions. While another 10 million, do not pay at all or only pay when they need health services. (ras/bbs)


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