God’s voice

The Indonesia Post – The government finally decided to defend the Omnibus Law. Even though he had been demonstrating continuously for three days. Up to thousands of demonstrators were secured. Until someone was injured. Until many facilities were damaged.

He said, all for the sake of starting ideals. Bureaucratic improvement. Economic improvement. Increased investment. And the creation of new jobs.

Suppose the plan works one day. In the future, Indonesia can become one of the major economic powers. Not only in Asia but also in the world. Like what has been aspiring.

Indonesia will become a big producer. For all fields. Starting from manufacturing, to gold and uranium mining in Papua and Kalimantan will surprise the world.

And perhaps also, there will no longer be Indonesians working as migrant workers abroad. Because on earth, employment is abundant.

But what if that plan fails?

What happened was the opposite. Investment sacrifices the environment, because the environmental impact analysis (Amdal) rule has been removed. The Job Creation Act reduces people’s involvement. Layoffs are everywhere. All employment opportunities are taken by foreign workers.

What will be done?

Formulating new laws?

Looking for scapegoats among the blacks?

Or apologize and admit that you made a mistake?

No one can guess or even control the future. But it’s good to hear before coming to regret it. Hear all kinds of voices. Including the voice of the people. Didn’t he say the voice of the people was the voice of God! (jekk/bbs)


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