Overcoming Stunting and Preventing Inflation, Acting Governor Fatoni Stocks Fish and Plants Onions at OKU

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – The Acting (Pj) Governor of South Sumatra, Agus Fatoni, during his working visit to OKU Regency carried out fish stocking and planting shallots. This is done so that other communities can emulate it not only in efforts to reduce stunting rates but also in reducing inflation rates in the region.

By planting fish, people can provide nutrition obtained from fish. Paying attention to children’s nutritional intake will prevent children from growing stunted.

Continuing his speech, Fatoni explained that related to the inflation problem faced by the government, the public must also help the government in preventing inflation by not wasting food, “eat enough, don’t waste food, this is a behavior to overcome inflation. We also have to plant in our yard. To meet our needs. “You can fulfill your daily needs independently,” he said.

He also added that so that inflation can be prevented, the community is expected to ensure that the harvests owned by the community are not sold outside the area before needs within the area are met.

Raising fish and planting onions will also have an impact on reducing extreme poverty rates, improving family welfare and increasing economic growth. (mhn/ril)


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