Residents affected by the Bromo forest and land fires are finally enjoying clean water again

Probolinggo, The Indonesia Post – The Governor of East Java (Jatim) Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that thousands of residents affected by forest and land fires (karhutla) in the Mount Bromo area were finally enjoying clean water again after the East Java Provincial Government’s repair of the clean water pipe network in Probolinggo Regency, Thursday.

“Thank God, today residents in four villages in Sukapura District, namely Ngadirejo Village, Sapikerep Village, Ngadas Village and Wonokerto Village, can again enjoy clean water,” said Khofifah after inaugurating the clean water pipe network that has been completely repaired in Probolinggo Regency.

Previously, the clean water pipe network in the four villages was damaged due to the impact of the Mount Bromo forest and land fires. Then Governor Khofifah received a report regarding the damage and his party immediately carried out repairs so that residents in the four villages could again enjoy clean water.

“It is recorded that as many as 2,240 heads of families (KK) or around 6,472 people spread across four villages have received benefits from the pipe repair,” said Khofifah.

This number includes 450 families or around 1,280 people in Ngadirejo Village, 1,026 families (3,000 people) in Sapikerep Village, 530 families (1,540 people) in Wonokerto Village, and 234 families or around 652 people in Ngadas Village.

“I came as a sign that the water distribution process can continue as before. Thank God, the four villages have been re-watered and piping has been carried out 100 percent in each village. This is a sign that it can be accessed by the entire community,” she said.

Governor Khofifah also had the opportunity to see directly the 3.6 kilometer pipeline in the Padang Savana or Pasir Berwhisk area in order to check the functioning of the clean water flow from a total of 11.6 kilometers of pipeline for four villages.

She explained that the total clean water pipelines in the four villages were 11,600 meters or 11 kilometers long, including Ngadirejo Village 1,600 meters long, Sapikerep Village 3,400 meters long, Ngadas Village 5,100 meters long, and Wonokerto Village 1,500 meters long.

“A total of six villages were affected. Four villages were carried out by the East Java Provincial Government. Meanwhile, two villages, namely Wonotoro Village and Jetak Village, were carried out through self-help,” she said.

Governor Khofifah also inspected the location for repairing clean water infrastructure at the Agung Dharma Bhakti Temple and the Pasir Berbisa area. Apart from that, he also handed over basic food aid to the local community.

One of the residents of Ngadas Village, Suhardi (46), expressed his gratitude to the East Java Provincial Government for assistance in installing clean water pipes for residents affected by forest and land fires.

“The assistance was very fast so it was able to meet daily needs ranging from household needs, agricultural irrigation, and so on,” said Suhardi. (mhn/bbs)


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