Minister of Agriculture says Indonesian farmers are able to produce quality local soybeans

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that Indonesian farmers were able to produce quality local soybean food products with the same varieties as imported soybean products.

“Today I am grateful because the Governor, the Regent are always ready to create soybeans like those abroad, namely the Dega 1 and Migo 2 varieties. We hope that Banten, Serang Regency will become a source of quality seeds,” said Minister Syahrul while attending the movement. harvesting high-quality soybeans using Google’s microbial technology in Serang Regency, Banten, Wednesday.

In an official statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul invited farmers in Serang Banten to continue to produce quality local soybeans in order to suppress the volume of imported soybeans, which are still dominant in supplying national needs.

“Therefore, I invite this dependence on imports to be suppressed by planting local soybeans. We hope that gradually the existing productivity will be much better, I think it is quite promising to be developed in the future,” he said.

The Minister of Agriculture said that food-producing countries in the world are currently experiencing weather turbulence and geopolitical turmoil on an international scale. Syahrul said Indonesia should be able to take this opportunity by producing domestic food.

“They also face extreme weather and this is an opportunity and strength for us. The President recommends which ones that cannot be imported, let’s make our own. Therefore, what makes the difference between local and foreign soybeans must be made ourselves. ” he said.

Syahrul said that so far eleven of Indonesia’s strategic commodities are safe, not lacking and not rare. The eleven commodities include rice, sugar, meat, eggs, chili, onions and soybeans.

“Our food balance is quite ready, our food is ready. Thank God we are overstocked and there is enough for us to eat in the future,” he said.

Currently, there is a demonstration plot (demplot) in collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Research Center for Development and Application of Biotechnology (P4B) with a planting area of ​​1 ha and supported by Google microbial technology of the Dega 1 and Migo 2 varieties which are capable of producing 3 tons per ha.

The national soybean development target through Government Assistance in 2022 reaches 352 thousand ha with soybean development in Banten Province reaching 11,580 ha. Of the total land area, 200 ha of which are in Serang Regency, 11,210 Ha in Pandeglang, and 170 ha in Lebak Regency.

“What is certain is that offtaker support is very much needed for price certainty and sales certainty at the farmer level. Currently the average consumption soybean price is Rp. 10,000-12,000 per kg, this adds to the enthusiasm of farmers to plant soybeans. Also important is the dissemination of results. massive demonstration plots to increase the interest of farmers. In the future, we will no longer be demonstration plots but large-scale developments,” he said. (mhn/bbs)


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