Minister of Sports: No more transfers of athletes for the National Sports Week

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali reminded that there should be no transfer of athletes for short-term interests facing the 2024 National Sports Week (PON) in Aceh-North Sumatra.

“We already have big targets, achievements at the global level. So coaching is absolute, we can’t get achievements if we don’t foster them,” Amali said, through a written statement from National Sports Committee (KONI), in Jakarta, Monday.

This was conveyed by Minister of Youth and Sports Amali when opening the 2022 National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) at the Golden Ballroom of Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Monday.

In his remarks, the Minister of Youth and Sports paid attention to the preparation of the XXI PON 2024 in Aceh-North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“This is the first experience for us, implementing PON in two provinces, but I believe the General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Central KONI and his staff are capable of doing this,” he said.

Moreover, the Central KONI has successfully held the previous PON, namely the XX PON in 2021 in Papua.

The Minister of Youth and Sports wants an increase in terms of achievements and services from the host of the 2024 PON in Aceh-North Sumatra.

“The readiness of the host is important. I appeal to you to maximize the existing facilities and infrastructure. What is available I ask to maximize,” he said.

Menpora more firmly hopes to improve the quality of coaching in order to achieve the government’s target, and avoid ways to improve performance without coaching, namely by transferring athletes.

“There is a tendency in previous PON-PON, especially from the host to want to win and get as many medals as possible. If it is produced from coaching, there is no problem,” said Amali.

“But if it is produced by taking athletes who have been fostered by other regions and for short-term interests, it is not allowed and is not healthy for our development,” said the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Central KONI, Lt. Gen. TNI, Retired Marciano Norman, conveyed the Menpora’s recommendation to improve the quality of athlete development, while reducing the number of athlete transfers.

“According to the recommendation of the Minister, we are trying to improve the quality of coaching and suppress athlete transfers. Let’s see the results of the coaching for the provincial KONIs,” he said.

“Don’t let each region immediately take athletes from those who build with hard work just to add medals, let alone to become overall champions,” concluded Marciano. (mhn/bbs)


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