Minister of Sports apologized for not achieving the medal target at the 2022 Asian Games

Jakarta, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Dito Ariotedjo apologized to all Indonesian people for not achieving the target of winning a gold medal in the 2022 Asian Games.

“I would like to apologize to all Indonesian people and the President of the Republic of Indonesia because his target of being in the top 10 was not achieved,” said Dito when met after sending off the participants in the running race held by Milo Indonesia in Jakarta, Sunday.

He said that previously his party had targeted to be in 12th place and bring home eight gold medals. However, this target has not been able to be achieved by a number of Indonesian retainers.

“We have to admit that we missed, even though it was very small, one more medal and one more ranking. “We are in 13th place and have seven gold medals,” he said.

The Minister of Youth and Sports stated that despite thorough preparations and hard work by Indonesian athletes, the results obtained at the 2022 Asian Games did not match expectations. Achievements in this event did not reach the previously set medal target.

He admitted that not achieving this achievement target was an important moment of introspection for the world of Indonesian sports, especially as the country’s representative at the Asian Games.

“But we should be proud because in the history of Asian Games outside of us being the host, this increase is quite significant,” he said.

The Minister of Youth and Sports also expressed his commitment to continue to support and improve the preparation of Indonesian athletes in future international sporting events. This is a form of government responsibility for the development of sports in Indonesia.

He promised to continue working hard to advance Indonesian sports and hoped for support and prayers from all Indonesian people for a brighter future in the world of sports.

The Minister of Youth and Sports also emphasized the importance of cooperation from all parties, including sports administrators, coaches and athletes, in building better Indonesian sports achievements in the future.

He hopes that this disappointment can be a motivation to improve the performance and quality of preparation of Indonesian athletes.

“We will evaluate the total of all sports taking part in the Asian Games and we will analyze and re-analyze those that missed the target. “This is if we sit down together and find out what is the best solution,” said Dito. (mhn/bbs)


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