East Java Governor handed over the keys to permanent housing to residents affected by the flood

Bondowoso, The Indonesia Post – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa symbolically handed over the keys to permanent housing to families affected by flash floods on the slopes of Mount Ijen, Bondowoso Regency, Thursday (21/9).

“Quietness is vital. Because the previous location of the house was near the current of the slopes of Mount Raung. So when it rains or strong currents, it is prone to flooding and disturbs residents. Hopefully in this new location residents will be calmer, safer and more comfortable,” said Khofifah in a statement written after inaugurating the Relocation of Houses and Environmental Infrastructure After the Flash Flood Disaster in Ijen District, Bondowoso Regency.

The governor said the permanent residence was built after the flash flood disaster hit Kalisat and Sempol Villages, Ijen District, in February 2023.

She hopes that the new houses for dozens of residents affected by flash floods which occur almost every year will provide more peace and comfort, because they were built in safer locations than before.

Khofifah said that the permanent residences are currently occupied by 29 heads of families from Sempol Village and 49 residents from Kalisat Village. Located in a strategic area, this residence is close to health facilities, markets, places of worship, education centers and government offices within a distance of approximately 2-3 kilometers.

“Thank God, the 78 houses are also equipped with toilets. Meanwhile, infrastructure, plumbing and road access will continue to be pushed to speed up completion,” said the Governor.

The construction of permanent housing for residents affected by flash floods, continued Khofifah, was a collaboration between the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the East Java Provincial Government through the BPBD, and the Bondowoso Regency Government, and a total of IDR 13.18 billion was spent for the construction of permanent housing.

In detail, BNPB provided assistance with five work packages with a total budget value of IDR 11.6 billion for the relocation of 65 housing units in Kalisat Village, relocation of 1,500 meters of environmental roads in Kalisat Village, relocation of 3,000 meters of environmental drainage in Kalisat Village, provision of afvor tankers in Kalisat Village. Sempol and Kalisat Villages.

Meanwhile, the East Java Provincial Government, through the East Java Province BPBD, provided assistance amounting to IDR 1.17 billion. This budget is used for the construction of bathroom facilities, toilets in 78 housing units and the construction of a 300 meter long environmental road.

Meanwhile, the Bondowoso Regency Government itself spent a budget of IDR 409.4 million for relocation activities for 13 other houses. Apart from that, other assistance was obtained from PT. East Java Regional Development Bank Tbk which provided rocks in the form of doors for bathrooms/WCs.

The inauguration of this permanent residence also coincides with the month of Rabi’ul Awwal, which is the birth month of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. On that occasion, Governor Khofifah invited the public to recite prayers together.

“Very many East Javanese people, when they enter a new house, they recite the Prophet’s prayers. This time, ladies and gentlemen entered their new house by reading the Prophet’s prayers led directly by the Governor. Hopefully we will get the intercession of Rasulullah Muhammad SAW,” he said.

A total of 78 houses were built with each permanent residence measuring 4×6 m2 built on a 7×14 m2 land.

The land area used is land owned by Perhutani with a land area of approximately 4.63 hectares, while the land area used for house relocation is approximately 1 hectare, so that each aid recipient gets 98 square meters of land.

After the inauguration, Khofifah took the time to inspect the houses that would be used as permanent residences. Don’t forget, he also greeted the residents.

The inauguration of the permanent residence was marked by Khofifah symbolically giving the keys to the relocation house to five resident representatives. Apart from that, inscriptions were also signed and ribbons were cut. (mhn/bbs)


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