Paying Attention to People with Disabilities, HD and Minister of Transportation Budi Distribute LRT Electronic Cards

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – After carrying out the Transportation Day (HARHUBNAS) Ceremony at the Fort Benteng Kuto Besak (BKB) Palembang, the Indonesian Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi together with the Governor of South Sumatra H Herman Deru distributed a special Light Rail Transit (LRT) electronic card to people with disabilities at the Ampera Palembang LRT Station.

This was done as a form of attention to persons with disabilities as well as coincided with the 2022 HARHUBNAS which was centered in Palembang.

Moreover, he continued, South Sumatra itself, especially Palembang, has a fairly complete mode of transportation, starting from water, air, and land transportation modes such as the LRT.

“The LRT in Palembang has also provided convenience to the community. Where people who want to use the LRT from certain areas have been provided with feeders as transportation to the station,” said Budi.

Meanwhile, the Governor of South Sumatra H Herman Deru said efforts to provide services and convenience for users of mass transportation modes continue to be carried out by the South Sumatra Provincial Government and the Palembang City Government.

“With this good service, people will be willing and diligent in using mass transportation modes such as LRT,” HD said.

In fact, to promote the LRT to be more loved by the public, the South Sumatra Provincial Government and the Palembang City Government have issued regulations requiring employees in various agencies in South Sumatra to use the LRT at least once a week.

After that, the Minister of Transportation Budi, HD and their entourage took the LRT route from the Ampera LRT Station to the Palembang SMB II Airport Station.

Also present were Forkopimda throughout South Sumatra, the Mayor of Palembang, H Harnojoyo, the Heads of the South Sumatra Province OPD. (mhn/ril)


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