South Sumatra Acting Governor Attends Lahat Regency’s 155th Anniversary

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting (Pj) Governor of South Sumatra (Sumsel) Agus Fatoni accompanied by Acting Chair of the South Sumatra Family Welfare Development Team (TP PKK) Tyas Fatoni attended the Plenary Meeting of the Lahat Regency DPRD Celebrating the 155th anniversary, taking place at the Lahat Regency DPRD Building, the meeting was opened directly by the Chair of the Lahat Regency DPRD, Fitrizal Homizi., ST. Monday (20/05/2024).

In his remarks the Acting Regent of Lahat Muhammad Farid. S.STP., M.Si said that the number 155 years is a number full of history and meaning for every citizen. We gather here not only to celebrate the anniversary of Lahat Regency, but also to remember and reflect on the struggles and sacrifices of regional heroes who have fought for the progress of Lahat Regency.

“Commemorating birthdays philosophically means retrospectively, that is, by celebrating birthdays, we try to see the past as a chain of history and the past is a very valuable foundation as a reference, exploring the present and the future, introspective means commemoration of birthdays. “We use birthdays as a means of introspection or self-introspection,” he said.

Thus, he continued, every stage of life’s journey is always meaningful because it is able to provide answers to current problems and is responsive to future challenges.

“This makes Lahat Regency the region with the 2nd highest economic growth among 17 other regencies/cities in South Sumatra Province,” he continued

This of course has had a positive impact on other macro indicators in recent years, such as the open unemployment rate, where Lahat Regency succeeded in reducing the unemployment rate by 0.61% to 3.41% in 2023.

Stunting has been a priority problem in Lahat Regency since 2020, where the prevalence of stunted toddlers in Lahat Regency at that time was 48.1.

“In the last 3 years, thanks to the hard work of all of us, the Lahat Regency Government has succeeded in reducing the prevalence of stunting by 40.3 points to 7.8 in 2023, making it the lowest in South Sumatra Province,” explained Muhammad Farid.

Meanwhile, in his speech, the Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Dr. Drs. A. Fathoni., M.Si said, Thank God, today we were able to attend the 10th plenary meeting of the third trial period together in commemoration of Lahat’s 155th birthday. On behalf of the provincial government and on behalf of the people of South Sumatra, I would like to say Congratulations on the 155th birthday of Lahat Regency, hopefully the community will continue to prosper and be competitive.

On this occasion, Fatoni expressed his appreciation to the ranks of the Lahat Regency Government who have achieved many achievements. He hopes that the positive achievements in Lahat can continue to be maintained and improved

Also present on this occasion was the Chairman of the Provincial DPRD. South Sumatra, Anita Noeringhati, Acting Chairperson of the Lahat PKK TP, Adhitia Trinia Farid, Member of the South Sumatra DPRD, Pipa Sardi, Regent of Lahat for the 2008-2018 Period, H Saifudin Aswari Rivai, and all the ranks of Forkopimda South Sumatra and Lahat Regency who had the opportunity to attend. (ojn/ril)


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