South Sumatra legislative Chairperson Attends the Inauguration of Wakodai Management for the 2024-2028 Period

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chairman of the South Sumatra Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) Dr Hj RA Anita NoeringHati SH MH Attended the Provincial Management (PP) of Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia South Sumatra (Sumsel) for the 2024-2028 period, at the Amaris Hotel, Jalan Demang Lebar Daun Ilir Barat I Palembang, Thursday (20/ 06/2024).

Inaugurated directly by the General Chair of the Wadokai Indonesia Executive Board (PB), Prof. Dr. Drs. Edi Slamet Irianto SH. South Sumatra Indonesia, Professor of Wadokai Seiko Shihan Ir H Chairiul A Taman MEng, Chairman of the PP Wadokai Advisory Council Komjen Pol (Purn) Dr Drs Ito Sumardi, Representative of Danpomdam II Sriwijaya and Representative of the Head of Palembang Police.

Prof. Edi Slamet Irianto, chairman of PB Wakodai Indonesia, said that the inauguration of PP Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia South Sumatra had a very important and strategic meaning for PB Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia.

“This shows the health of the Indonesian Wadokai Karate-Do organization, because the organizational mechanism has worked and is running well,” he said.

He hopes that in the future the process of democracy and regeneration as well as organizational leadership in Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia will continue to run as it should, in accordance with the Bylaws (AD/ART).

“This is a challenge for the management of Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia in the future, namely that they must be able to change their paradigm in training and developing their karateka, so that they produce athletes who are not only champions but also have a warrior character,” he hoped.

Edi expressed his highest thanks to all parties who were involved and worked hard in organizing and making this inauguration event a success.

“To Hermansyah as General Chair of PP Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia South Sumatra, and his staff, good luck with your work, may Allah SWT give you physical and spiritual strength, so that we are able to contribute to the good life of the nation and state through the development of the sport of karate,” said Edi.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of South Sumatra’s Wakodai Karate-Do Indonesia, Hermansyah SE MM, said that in South Sumatra, administrators have been formed at 6 (six) City Regency levels, namely Palembang City, Palembang, Pagar Alam, Banyuasin Ogan Ilir (OI), Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) and PALI.

“We still have debts to form all city district administrators throughout South Sumatra. “There are 9 districts and 2 cities that have not yet been formed, namely Musi Banyuasin, Musi Rawas, North Musi Rawas, Muara Enim Lahat, Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU), East OKU, South OKU, Empat Lawang, Lubuk Linggau City and Prabumulih,” he said.

He continued to say that after the South Sumatra PP Wadokai Karate-Do was inaugurated, his party would immediately develop it to form administrators for the 11 City Districts. Apart from that, it will also increase the number of trainers.

“In this regard, it is our tough task as new administrators. For referees currently, we already have 11 people with details of 4 people at national level and 7 people at regional level.”

“Meanwhile, we only have 6 trainers, therefore we still need central assistance to develop the number of trainers,” explained Hermansyah.

Hermansyah continued to reveal that the number of Wadokai Karate-Do members in South Sumatra is 1200 people with achievements made by 9 people who have repeatedly won provincial and national championships.

“Through the vision and mission of the new management of Wadokai Karate-Do Indonesia South Sumatra, we will produce karate athletes not only at the provincial and national level, but also at the international level,” he explained.

Finally, he added that there are currently 28 Dojos in South Sumatra. Regarding the number of Dojos, in the future it will be the task of the new management to increase and develop Dojos in South Sumatra.

“In the future we will increase the number of Dojos in South Sumatra, one of which is collaborating with schools in Palembang,” he concluded. (ojn/ril)


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