South Sumatra Legislative Council Chairperson Attends the Opening of the 2024 Kapolda Cup Shooting Championship

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chairperson of the South Sumatra Province Legislative Council (DPRD), Dr Hj RA Anita NoeringHati SH MH, attended the 2024 Kapolda Cup shooting championship which was officially opened by the South Sumatra Police Chief, Inspector General. A Rachmad Wibowo, S.IK in the 78th Bhayangkara commemoration series.

The event was held at the Jakabaring Shooting Range, Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) Palembang Complex, Saturday (22/06/2024)

In his speech, South Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol A. Rachmad Wibowo, SIK expressed his appreciation to all parties who had contributed to organizing this shooting championship.

“Thanks to solid cooperation, the entire series of activities could be carried out well, smoothly and safely without any obstacles. “The shooting competition that we are holding today is a symbol of our skill and dedication in carrying out our noble duties as protectors and guardians of society,” he said.

Furthermore, the South Sumatra Regional Police Chief emphasized that this championship is not only a competition event, but also aims to strengthen friendship, solidarity and togetherness between the TNI, Polri, other stakeholders and the community.

“In particular, it is hoped that this activity can improve good relations with the shooting sports enthusiast community and the public as well as increase professionalism in serving the community in South Sumatra Province in general,” he added.

The South Sumatra Regional Police Chief also expressed his hope that through this competition we could find young shooters who would be able to make the South Sumatra Province proud in various competitions at national and international levels.

He added that it is important to increase professionalism, solidarity and enthusiasm in carrying out duties through this competition.

Thanks are expressed to all the teams taking part in the championship as well as the organizing committee who have worked hard in preparing this activity and still prioritize safety. Number one in this competition continued the former Jambi Regional Police Chief.

“Hopefully we all get the best benefits and results in this championship. “With the opening of this shooting championship, it is hoped that the spirit of the 78th Bhayangkara Day can continue to burn, bringing pride and achievement to the Province of South Sumatra,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the South Sumatra Regional Police, Commissioner Pol Sunarto, through the Head of PID Sub-Division, AKBP Suparlan, SH MSi, said that this activity was attended by the Chairman of the South Sumatra Provincial DPRD, Hj R A Anita Noeringhati, SH,, MH, General Administrative Assistant Zulkarnain, SE, MM, representative of the Regional Head of the Republic of Indonesia, Colonel Inf Kav Dodi. Syamsul Rizal, SH Dandenpomdam II/Sriwijaya represented by Lt. Col. CPM Jhon Carles, M.Tr (Han), Head of BNN represented by Commissioner of Police Basani Sagala, SH MH, Kasat Pol PP, Suhardi, as well as representatives of other related agencies, PJU Polda Sumsel, and Kapolrestabes Palembang Police Commissioner Harryo Sugihartono and the Heads of Regional Military Units.

According to Suparlan, the shooting championship was attended by approximately 202 participants, with a breakdown of 58 executive class, while for individual and team center fire pistols, representatives of Satker and Satwil ranks of the South Sumatra Regional Police were 144 people, the types of competition were executive fire center, center fire pistol, as for the executive center shooting champion. fire distance of 25 meters, while the first was AKBP Mahyudin, SKM, MH, Biddokkes Polda South Sumatra with a score of 84, second place was Lt. Col. Inf Chabibi, Representative of Kodam II/Sriwijaya with a score of 81 and third place went to AKBP Andiyanto, S K M Danyon
B.Sat Brimob Polda South Sumatra with a score of 79. At the end of the activity, prizes were immediately given to the winners in the form of Trophy Award Certificates and closing coaching money. (ojn/ril)


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