South Sumatra Legislative Council Chairperson Attends Morning Coffee and Launching of South Sumatra Coffee

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chairperson of the Legislative Council (DPRD) of South Sumatra Province, Mrs. Dr. Hj. R.A. Anita Noeringhati, SH., MH., attended Morning Coffee and the Launching of South Sumatra Coffee with the Governor and South Sumatra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the Sekanak Lambidaro River Court in Palembang. Sunday (12/5/2024).

In his speech, Chairman of the South Sumatra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, H. Affandi Udji emphasized how important this event is as the first step in introducing South Sumatra coffee to the global stage. With production reaching 212.4 thousand tons in the previous year, South Sumatra coffee confirmed its position as one of the largest producers in Indonesia.

“We are proud to be able to hold this event as a form of our commitment to optimizing the potential of South Sumatra coffee which has not yet been fully explored,” said H. Affandi Udji. The event not only aims to increase public awareness about South Sumatra’s natural riches, but also to open business opportunities for coffee farmers in the area. With full support from the Provincial Government, especially the role of the Acting Governor, South Sumatra coffee is expected to be able to compete in the global market.

“Through appropriate promotional efforts, South Sumatra coffee is believed to be able to go global and bring pride to Indonesia as one of the main players in the world coffee industry,” he said.

Present on the occasion were Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arsjad Rasjid, Acting Governor of South Sumatra Dr H Agus Fatoni, Chairman of the South Sumatra DPRD Dr Hj RA Anita Noeringhati SH MH, business people, coffee farmers and other invited guests. (ojn/ril)


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