Herman Deru Motivates Thousands of Inmates of Mata Merah Prison on Independence Day

//Attend the Giving of General Remissions

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Governor of South Sumatra H. Herman Deru was not only present at the provision of General Remissions to Prisoners and Children at the Palembang Class I Mata Merah Penitentiary, Monday (17/7) at the 75th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence in 2020. However, the presence of Governor Herman Deru was more from that, to provide motivation and enthusiasm so that the citizens who receive this remission will later be useful in the midst of society.

“I purposely attended in person because I still had a lot of hopes for the assisted residents. Actually the government is not punishing but guiding them in the prison so that later when they have to blend in with the community, they already have provisions, mental, knowledge and IT, but most importantly spiritual provision,” he said.

Moreover, he admitted that when he just entered prison he saw a lot of creativity produced by the assisted residents plus there was Hafid-hafidzo, now this is truly extraordinary.

“I came to see that the creativity is so good the ingredients are not inferior to the goods produced by the commercial, this is truly extraordinary. Only that talent may not radiate. Moreover, there is Hafidz Hafidzo who has graduated and is about to graduate. This is wisdom, wisdom given by Allah SWT. . I appreciate the heads of social institutions in South Sumatra, “he said.

On this 75th Indonesian Independence Day, Governor Herman Deru hopes that the assisted residents will no longer have dreams of coming back here again.

“One hope on this independence day, do not have dreams of coming back here again. There is a process to be accepted in the community. Bring the expertise that is obtained here and disseminate it to the community. I together with Forkompimda, even all officials in the Province hope that when you come to meet we will already have. bring a proposal for activities whether it be commercial activities or socio-religious activities. I am waiting for that, ” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sumatra, Ajub Suratman, said that the students in prisons (WBP) who were given General Remission at the 75th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence were those who met the requirements including having served a sentence for 6 months or more, of good behavior, and receive additional remissions if the prisoner performs services to the state and commits actions that are beneficial to the state and humanity.

He mentioned the number of student prisoners in 20 prisons and state detention centers throughout the South Sumatra region as many as 13,338 people consisting of 11,083 prisoners and child criminals, and 2,255 prisoners, while the capacity of prisons and detention centers in South Sumatra is only 6,605. people, so that currently there are still over capacity as many as 6,075 people, 80 cases of Corruption and Terrorists there are 7 people, the rest are other criminal cases.

“The number of prisoners and children who received general remission on the 75th anniversary was 7,577 with details of who received General Remission (RU I) as many as 7,486 people and those who were free today (RU II) were 91 people throughout South Sumatra,” he said.

Not only that, in prisons, there is also a 30-minute cleanliness movement a day and many more positive activities are carried out including the results of industrial works at the Correctional Institutions which is a Positive Guidance Program for Prisoners in Prisons to produce a product that has economic value, even though WBP is the backbone of their family they can still support behind bars. (mhn/rel)


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