Absorb the aspirations of the people, HD held a grand gathering with the people of Muara Enim district

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Herman Deru’s presence at the gathering which was centered at the Village Hall of the Rambang Sub-District Office, Sugiwaras Village, Muara Enim Regency received enthusiastic welcome from thousands of people from six sub-districts such as Lubai Ulu, Lubai, Rambang, Rambang Niru, Belimbing, and Empat Petulai Dangku, who had been waiting for him for a long time .

On that occasion, Herman Deru answered the wish of thousands of people in the six sub-districts to be able to form a new autonomous region, namely Rambang, Lubai, Lematang (RL2).

Where, Herman Deru reminded that in the process of forming the autonomous region, the local government must fulfill a number of predetermined requirements.

In addition, the local government must also make careful preparations regarding the establishment of the autonomous region.

Starting from the area that will become the capital, land for the center of government, to other processes.

“Every process must be agreed so that it goes well. Don’t let the formation of this new area become a burden,” he said.

Herman Deru emphasized that if all of these conditions are met and are considered to have a good impact on people’s welfare, then he will support the formation of the new autonomous region.

Meanwhile, community leader Usman Piriansyah said that support for the division of new autonomy which includes the sub-districts of Lubai Ulu, Lubai, Rambang, Rambang Niru, Belimbing, and Empat Petulai Dangku, has received a lot of community support.

In fact, out of 70 villages in the area, 63 villages expressed their support.

According to him, currently the six sub-districts are suitable for expansion.

“The area of these 6 districts is 2700 square kilometers with a population of 182 thousand people. We hope that this effort will be realized as soon as possible,” he explained.

On the other hand, he also thanked Governor Herman Deru who continues to support the development of the Muara Enim district. (mhn/bbs)


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