At the Age of 77, South Sumatra Province Continues to Develop Towards Advanced South Sumatra For All

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – The Governor of South Sumatra H. Herman Deru together with the Deputy Governor of South Sumatra H. Mawardi Yahya attended the Special Plenary Meeting of the Legislative Council (DPRD) of the South Sumatra Province in commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of South Sumatra Province in 2023. Opened by the Chairman of the South Sumatra Provincial DPRD, Hj. Anita Noeringhati with the theme “With the Spirit of the 77th Anniversary of the Province of South Sumatra, Synergize to Realize an Advanced South Sumatra for All”.

HD revealed that entering the age of 77 years, the South Sumatra region continues to develop towards an advanced South Sumatra for all. This can be seen from the achievements of various macro indicators in South Sumatra. Namely growth which is the highest in South Sumatra, the poverty rate in September 2022 has experienced the highest decline nationally, and is the lowest poverty rate after the last two decades.

The Gross Regional Domestic Product (GDP) for ADHD, the open unemployment rate for South Sumatra, the Human Development Index (IPM) are getting better from year to year than the previous year.

“These various achievements were obtained from the results of the construction of road infrastructure, bridges and various other public facilities such as hospitals, schools, other public infrastructure facilities. All were built with the Governor’s assistance of a total of Rp. 4 trillion for 4 years running,” he said.

Apart from that, South Sumatra’s inflation rate was also successfully suppressed due to the program of the South Sumatra Independent Food Movement (GSMP) which was mobilized massively to change people’s mindset from consumptive to productive. So that it succeeded in reducing the stunting rate to drop drastically.

“All of these achievements are to create prosperity evenly. And it is hoped that zero conflicts can be maintained for a safe and peaceful South Sumatra,” he said. (mhn/ril)


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