HD Gives 5 Messages to Teachers at the National Education Seminar

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Shortly before opening the National Education Seminar with the theme of Advanced South Sumatra Education, Towards Golden Indonesia 2045 which was organized by IKA FKIP Unsri, the Governor of South Sumatra, H. Herman Deru (HD) gave directions and remarks to the teachers who were present as participants in the seminar.

There are at least 5 (five) messages delivered by HD. First, HD asks teachers to be able to maintain their good name and not harm the teaching profession by any factors or disturbances. Second, HD asks teachers not only to teach the curriculum but also to build the character building of their students.

Third, HD hopes that students will be brave in competing, The fourth message, related to the demographic bonus that will be obtained by Indonesia in 2045, HD requests that teachers be able to provide good education from now on to students so that at the time of the demographic bonus, Indonesia will have superior human resources, have a high competitive spirit and good character. Good.

And fifth, HD reminds that students or students can be given a balanced knowledge of religion and science.

“Teachers have quite a tough challenge, to continue learning in keeping with the times so they can adapt in teaching lessons with new methods,” added HD.

At the end of his speech, HD hopes that the seminar will become a productive seminar that will have a positive impact on the quality of education and produce extraordinary products for the benefit of the country, especially the Province of South Sumatra. (mhn/ril)


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