South Sumatra Legislative Council Chairperson Appreciates the Inauguration of the DPD for Advanced Indonesian Women

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chair of the South Sumatra Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) Dr Hj RA Anita NoeringHati SH MH attended the inauguration of the Advanced Indonesian Women’s DPD (PIM) at the Aryaduta Ballroom Jalan Pom X, Wednesday (12/6/2024).

It was said that I, the female chairman of the South Sumatra DPRD, also really appreciate the confirmation of the administrators of the Advanced Indonesian Women’s DPD for South Sumatra Province and also the Regency/City.

“Hopefully PIM South Sumatra will become a forum for women to contribute to development containing great people from South Sumatra,” she said.

Chairman of the South Sumatra PIM DPD, Helen Ganefo, after inaugurating the management of the South Sumatra PIM DPD and four Regency/City PIM DPCs, said that the South Sumatra Advanced Indonesian Women’s Regional Representative Council (DPD) fully encourages women to occupy leadership positions in South Sumatra.

“I really support women in South Sumatra to get involved in politics. We can do politics. Mrs. Anita said that women’s seats in the DPR have only reached 30 percent. “God willing, with our presence we will encourage women to come forward and be able to occupy seats in the DPR,” she said.

For your information, the management of the South Sumatra PIM DPD for the 2023-2028 period has been officially confirmed. The inauguration of the administrators was carried out directly by the General Chairperson of the PIM DPP, Lana T Koentjoro.

After being appointed as chairman, Helen said that in the future her party would immediately prepare a work program. One of them is establishing DPCs in 13 districts and 4 cities in South Sumatra.

“While there are four newly appointed DPCs, of course we will move to build other DPCs. Apart from that, in July, we will hold National Kebaya Day throughout Indonesia. “So the car free day in Palembang City will encourage mothers in South Sumatra to wear kebaya,” she said.

In the same place, PIM General Chair Lana T Koentjoro hopes that there will be women sitting in government chairs.

“We also appreciate the support from mothers who are very great. Of course, we hope for women’s representation in government in the future. “So it’s a matter of pride for us,” she explained.

She still said that currently there are 26 PIM DPDs spread across Indonesia, and 30 Regency/City DPCs in each province. In fact, PIH has penetrated overseas such as Hong Kong, America, France and the Netherlands.

“The hope for the South Sumatra leader, even though Mrs. Helen has not yet been appointed, she and the structure are very active. Starting from last October until now the program has been full. “With today’s inauguration, we hope that we will better collaborate with the local government and also with other women’s organizations so that we can work together to advance programs to strengthen women throughout South Sumatra,” she said.

“Apart from that, with several field programs we are strengthening strong women in their respective fields, of course they can move in the fields of health, economics, education, especially in South Sumatra because MSMEs in the fashion and culinary fields are very strong. So the opportunity is very good,” she concluded. (ojn/ril)


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