South Sumatra Legislative Council Chairperson Attends Special Plenary Meeting of the 1341st Anniversary of the City of Palembang

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chairperson of the South Sumatra Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) Dr HJ RA.Anuta Noeringhati SH MH together with the Acting (Pj) Governor of South Sumatra Agus Fatoni, Sunday (16/6/2024 attended the Special Plenary Meeting of the Palembang City DPRD in the context of the 1341st anniversary of the City of Palembang.

On that occasion, Chairman of the South Sumatra Provincial DPRD, Dr HJ RA. Anuta Noeringhati SH M. On behalf of the South Sumatra Provincial Government and the people of South Sumatra, he wished the city of Palembang a happy anniversary. He appreciates and is proud of the various progress, achievements and awards that the City of Palembang has achieved.

“This is thanks to the hard work of community leaders and all stakeholders in Palembang City. “This award and achievement was obtained because of the solidarity, integration of all parties, working together to support the implementation of development programs so that Palembang is advanced and prosperous,”

Anita also appreciated the role of the Palembang City Government in various efforts to improve services in Palembang and also support the Government’s efforts to realize various priority programs in order to improve community welfare.

“The performance of the DPRD and the South Sumatra Provincial Government is an accumulation of the performance of the Palembang City Government in South Sumatra, including Palembang. “Thank you for your cooperation, hard work and collaboration in realizing development in South Sumatra,” he stressed.

There are several priority programs for the South Sumatra Provincial Government together with the Regency/City Government, namely handling disasters, forest and land fires and floods, handling inflation, stunting, extreme poverty and regional government support in making the elections/pilkada a success in South Sumatra.

“Thank you for the support of all parties for the implementation of collaboration between the South Sumatra Provincial Government, Regency Government/City Government in South Sumatra in various simultaneous programs in South Sumatra. “Every performance is carried out well if we work together,” he said. (ojn/ril)


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