South Sumatra Legislative Council Chairperson Attends the Inauguration of the Acting Mayor of Palembang at Griya Agung

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Chairperson of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of South Sumatra Province, Dr. Hj. R.A. Anita Noeringhati, SH MH attended the oath-taking ceremony and inauguration of the Acting Mayor of Palembang, Acting Chair of the Family Welfare (TP PKK) for Palembang City, as well as the handing over of the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs regarding the Acting Regent of Ogan Komering Ulu. This event was held at Griya Agung Palembang and led by the Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Dr. Drs. HA. Fatoni, M.Si, Wednesday 19 June 2024.

In his speech, Dr.Hj.RA. Anita Noeringhati emphasized the important role of regional leaders in ensuring the sustainability of development and public services. “We must ensure that every leader appointed is able to carry out their duties with full responsibility and high integrity. “The public’s expectations are very high for the performance of this new official,” said Anita NoeringHati.

It is hoped that the Acting Mayor of Palembang who was inaugurated today will be able to bring positive changes and continue the development programs that have been planned previously.

The new Acting Mayor is expected to be able to answer the challenges of a big city like Palembang with various complex problems, ranging from transportation, infrastructure, to public services.

Apart from the inauguration of the Mayor, there was also an inauguration of the Acting Chair of the TP PKK for Palembang City. The new chairman of the TP PKK has a strategic role in driving family and community empowerment programs.

“TP PKK has a big role in community development, especially in the fields of education, health and the family economy. “It is hoped that the new Chair of the TP PKK can continue and develop existing programs,” said Anita.

Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Dr. Drs. HA. Fatoni, M.Si., in his speech conveyed a message to the appointed officials. “As newly appointed officials, I hope you can carry out this mandate as well as possible. “This task is a matter of trust that must be maintained with commitment and integrity,” stressed Fatoni.

He also emphasized the importance of synergy between central and regional governments in achieving development goals. “We must continue to coordinate and work together to achieve the development targets that have been announced. “Effective and efficient leadership is the key to success in advancing the region,” he added.

With the inauguration of this new official, it is hoped that there will be significant changes in government management and services to the community. It is hoped that the new leadership will be able to bring new enthusiasm and innovation in resolving the various challenges faced.

Anita Noeringhati also expressed her hope that all appointed officials would be able to collaborate with the DPRD in carrying out work programs. “Good cooperation between the executive and legislature is the key to success in regional development. “We at the DPRD are ready to support and work together for the welfare of the community,” he concluded.

With this inauguration, the people of South Sumatra, especially Palembang and Ogan Komering Ulu, are looking forward to new breakthroughs from the regional leaders who have been appointed, in an effort to achieve mutual progress and prosperity. (ojn/ril)


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