Khofifah explains her achievements while leading East Java

Surabaya, The Indonesia Post – The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, explained the performance achievements that prioritized synergy and collaboration during his five years of leadership.

“From the start I adhered to the principle of no one left behind. So no one was left behind to enjoy the results of development in East Java,” she said, during the commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of East Java Province, at the Grahadi State Building, Surabaya, Thursday.

The former minister of social affairs ensured that during his leadership he always moved to ensure economic equality in society. As a result, extreme poverty in East Java, which in 2020 was recorded at 4.4 percent, was successfully reduced to 2.23 percent in 2021.

“The latest data is in 2022, extreme poverty in East Java has fallen to 1.56 percent until now,” she said.

In the field of education, she continued, East Java Province was recorded as having the most number of students admitted to state universities without tests for the last four years in a row.

For her, educational success is the key to reducing social inequality. “Education maintains a balance between urban and rural areas,” she said.

According to her, success in the field of education has helped encourage the progress of independent villages in various districts/cities in the East Java region.

“In 2023, there will be the largest number of independent villages in East Java among other provinces in Indonesia. There are 2,800 independent villages in East Java. That is 24.3 percent of all independent villages in Indonesia,” she said.

At the end of his term of office which will end on December 31 2023, he expressed his determination to continue to strive for strong human resource development in East Java, considering that Indonesia will face various global challenges in the future, such as extreme weather changes, in addition to pursuing food, digital and research sovereignty. and technology.

“We have to produce East Javanese youth who have a good set of skills and have the power to change the situation,” she said.

With a performance that prioritizes synergy and collaboration, he is confident that if he produces human resources who can change the situation, various global challenges in the future will be able to be overcome.

“We have succeeded in getting through the corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic. So we are confident that we will be able to face global challenges by cultivating the character of initiative, collaboration and innovation in human resources who have the power to change situations,” she said. (mhn/bbs)


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