Governor Khofifah: East Javanese people have a spirit of innovation

Surabaya, The Indonesia Post – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa stated that the people in his region have a passion for innovation and their productivity is extraordinary.

“I say that East Java is great because of its extraordinary people, because of them East Java is even better,” said Khofifah in a statement received in Surabaya, Sunday.

The commemoration of East Java’s 78th Anniversary, he said, was an appreciation for the people who have worked together to build this province in an extraordinary way.

“I am nothing compared to the people who have worked hard to make East Java better, farmers, workers, traders, entrepreneurs and others, all who are working to make East Java Rise,” she said.

Previously, the East Java Provincial Government held a People’s Party to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the local area by inviting dangdut singer Happy Asmara and providing free food for the community.

According to ANTARA’s observations, on Saturday night, until 20.00 WIB, people were already packed along Jalan Pemuda, precisely in front of the Grahadi Surabaya State Building, Saturday (14/10/2023) evening.

To the right and left of the Grahadi Building there are dozens of food stands distributing 10,000 free meals to the public.

Apart from Happy Asrama, a comedian from Maospati Madiun, namely Lies Hartono or who is familiarly called Cak Lontong, and his duet friend Insan Nur Akbar or Cak Akbar also entertained the people of East Java with their typical jokes.

Happy Asmara came wearing a black suit and immediately greeted the residents who had been waiting for her appearance.

A series of songs that he once performed also enlivened the East Java People’s Festival.

“Surabaya, how are you everyone, that’s fine, I would like to thank the extraordinary Mrs. Khofifah, because today we can celebrate an event together for all of us, may I ask for her applause,” said the owner of the real name Heppy Rismanda Hendranata. (mhn/bbs)


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