Khofifah: Distribution of village funds in 2023 in East Java will reach 80.54 percent

Surabaya, The Indonesia Post – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa stated that the distribution of village funds in the province he leads in 2023 has reached 80.54 percent.

Khofifah, in a written statement in Surabaya, Monday, explained that the total allocation of village funds for 2023 in the province he leads reaches IDR 7.9 trillion for 7,722 villages.

“It has been distributed to 7,719 villages or 80.54 percent,” he said.

Based on data from the Online Monitoring Application for the State Treasury and Budget System (OM SPAN) as of September 25 2023, the distribution of village funds in East Java Province in 2023 has reached IDR 6.4 trillion or a percentage of 80.54 percent from 7,719 villages.

“This is a form of our commitment to accelerate the distribution of village funds. Because Village Funds are prioritized to finance development and community empowerment, so they will improve the welfare of village communities,” he said.

Khofifah explained, of the total budget of 7.9 trillion village funds in East Java, some of it was channeled for direct cash assistance (BLT) for underprivileged communities amounting to IDR 1.109 trillion.

“The distribution of Village Fund BLT in East Java based on OM SPAN data as of September 25 2023 has been quite significant, reaching IDR 786.3 billion. This means that in terms of percentage the distribution of Village Fund BLT has reached 70.87 percent of the total village fund BLT of IDR 1.109 trillion allocated,” he said.

Village Fund BLT distribution has been distributed to 308,155 beneficiary families (KPM) in 7,719 villages covering 30 districts/cities in the East Java region.

Khofifah emphasized that there are three villages in East Java that cannot distribute Village Funds in 2023, namely Besuki and Pejarakan Villages in Jabon District, Pasuruan, which cannot be distributed due to mergers. Another one, Pocangan Village, Sukowono District in Jember Regency due to delays in submitting distribution applications.

Meanwhile, for Village Fund BLT, there are three villages that cannot distribute it, namely two villages in Sidoarjo Regency which were not distributed due to a merger. Another one is Bunut Village, Widang District, Tuban Regency, because based on deliberation there are no KPMs who meet the criteria to receive BLT. (mhn/bbs)


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