Acting Governor Fatoni Reminds Teachers to Increase Capacity

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting The Governor of South Sumatra, Agus Fatoni opened the 2024 South Sumatra Teacher Fest which was held at the Novotel Palembang Hotel, Monday, 10/6/2024, which was attended by thousands of teachers in South Sumatra, both attending in person and virtually.

Fatoni expressed his appreciation and appreciation for holding this activity, he said that this activity was a forum for gathering teachers throughout South Sumatra and increasing the capacity of teachers in South Sumatra.

“Apart from friendship, this activity is also a form of increasing teacher capacity. “We will also support and encourage this activity so that we can continue to carry it out so that teacher capacity can continue to increase,” he said opening his remarks.

A. Fatoni also said that teachers must have sufficient provisions to be able to provide maximum education and produce a higher quality generation that can improve the welfare of society.

“Let’s continue to develop and continue to increase our capacity and follow developments in technology and the development of our children, so that we can understand a good approach in providing education to our children,” he said.

Apart from that, A. Fatoni also appealed to all teachers in South Sumatra to shape the character and good morals of their students as capital for them to enter the real world in society.

“Apart from knowledge, we also need to update and upgrade ourselves in providing education. Apart from that, we also need to shape the character of our children and shape their morals as capital for them to enter society,” he said.

He emphasized that teachers are examples that students will emulate, therefore he hopes that teachers can be good role models by always behaving well.

After opening the activity, A. Fatoni continued the activity with a talk show for one hour. On that occasion he added that the world of education is an important sector in producing great future generations.

“If education is now advanced, the resulting generation will be much better than the previous generation, therefore we will make improvements in the field of education itself,” he said.

At the end of the talk show session, he also advised all teachers in South Sumatra to never stop learning and developing in keeping up with changing times and children’s characters in providing education and continuing to adapt.

“We will not be able to use the education methods of the past with the current generation, so what we need to learn is not only the lessons but also the knowledge, for how to educate today’s children, because a good goal is not necessarily good if it is done in a bad way ”, he concluded ending the talk show session.

A. Fatoni also on that occasion received an award as a friend of Teachers for his achievements and success in developing the world of education in South Sumatra Province which was handed over directly by
Mr. Gaudiensius Suhardi as Main Director of Media Indonesia and Lampung Post.

Also present were the Director of Indonesian Media Business Development, Gustaf Bernard, the Chief Editor of the Lampung Post, Abdul Gafur, and the Heads of the Provincial OPD. South Sumatra. (mhn/ril)


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