Fatoni: The Simultaneous Movement in South Sumatra Becomes a Breakthrough and Pioneer Until All Components Move Together

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting (Acting) Governor of South Sumatra Agus Fatoni in front of members of LEMHANAS RI during the 2024 PPRA LXRA Domestic Strategic Study (SSDN). Graha Bina Praja, Palembang (10/06/2024).

He said that South Sumatra is a trade center, economic center and government center in Southern Sumatra, so there are many office centers in South Sumatra.

“The natural wealth in South Sumatra is extraordinary, both in mining, agriculture and tourism, the latest is South Sumatra coffee which is being encouraged to become a coffee that is known at the national and even international level,” he said.

In his speech he explained the various achievements and awards won by the Province of South Sumatra, including WTP 10 times in a row, January to December 2023 received 56 awards, October 2023 – May 2024 received 36 awards and explained the economic growth in South Sumatra

“Economic growth in South Sumatra is developing very well, experiencing growth of 5.06% (y-on-y) and this is the highest in Sumatra,” he explained

Meanwhile, the Governor of Lemhannas RI Admiral TNI Maman Firmansyah, represented by Major General TNI Ramses Lumban Tobing SE, taught the field of Geography, Lemhanas RI, said that this year Lemhanas RI held 2 (two) Regular Batch education, namely the Regular Education Program for Batch 66 and 67

“In the educational program there is one of the main activities that participants must take part in, namely the Domestic Strategic Study (SSDN),” he said

He continued that Lemhanas RI was carrying out activities for 4 days, namely 10 – 13 June 2024 in South Sumatra Province with the hope of knowing regional government governance and the problems faced by Astagatra’s perspective.

Also present were the Chair of the South Sumatra DPRD RA Anita Noeringhati, SH., MH, the head of the South Sumatra BPS Moh. Wahyu Yulianto, S.Si., ST., M.Si, and other OPD. (mhn/ril)


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