The West Java Provincial Government is ready to guard the distribution of BLT BBM so that it is right on target

Bandung, The Indonesia Post – The West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) has stated that it is ready to oversee the distribution of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) of Fuel Oil (BBM) from the central government so that it is right on target to residents who are entitled to receive the assistance.

“We from the regional government will help ensure that there is no excess (excessive) cash direct assistance because it will be distributed directly through the Post Office to the people of Indonesia, especially West Java. We will monitor the data so that those who are not entitled to receive it, “said the Governor of Java. Barat M Ridwan Kamil, in his written statement, Friday.

Ridwan Kamil said that the experience of the West Java Provincial Government in distributing social assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic would be a benchmark for providing not misdirected targets.

Therefore, he said, the West Java Provincial Government prepared measurable patterns and rules, one of which was a gradual inspection.

“We have experience during COVID-19 doing data cleaning up to 23 stages to ensure that everyone who receives social assistance or BLT (right on target),” he said.

Governor Ridwan Kamil also asked Pertamina to supervise the supply of subsidized fuel oil so that it is right on target to the predetermined criteria.

According to Ridwan Kamil, it must be clarified in terms of regulations and the allocation of subsidized fuel.

If that can be resolved, then the problem of subsidized fuel can be addressed and right on target.

Before the fuel price increases, according to him, the problem that often arises is regarding the rules or regulations regarding subsidized fuel because not all buyers have the right to get subsidized fuel, and the process must also be measurable.

“So far, if we go to gas stations, yes, it’s just a matter of buying and selling, there is no screening. Please make sure that the subsidy argument is right on target so that it can be in accordance with the reality at this time,” he said.

“If it’s true that all this time there has been a wrong target for subsidized fuel, Pertamina is asking for a way so that those who buy subsidized fuel are really those who are intended,” he said.

The central government’s move to increase fuel prices must be handled wisely and currently the fuel subsidy has touched the figure of around Rp500 trillion.

“Therefore, of course, we must deal with all of this wisely, and understand the reason for the central government because the subsidy is already above Rp 500 trillion, only to finance fuel subsidies,” he said. (mhn/bbs)


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