Teten said the government is ready to protect the domestic digital economy

Subang, The Indonesia Post – Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (MenKopUKM) Teten Masduki said that the government was preparing three things to protect the domestic digital economy, which was marked by the closure of Tik Tok Shop in Indonesia.

“The government is committed to protecting the domestic digital economy. Three have been prepared,” said Teten, during a working visit to Subang Regency, West Java, Monday.

He said that these three things were prepared as the government’s efforts to protect the domestic digital economy.

“First, how to regulate the platform. So we have to regulate the platform, we must also regulate e-commerce,” he said.

According to him, this arrangement needs to be carried out to avoid platforms dominating the country’s digital industrial market.

“Apart from that, there should be no platforms that control prices and so on. So anti-monopoly is currently being developed,” he said.

Teten said that the government had just revised Permendagri 50/2020 concerning Provisions for Business Licensing, Advertising, Development and Supervision of Trading Businesses Through Electronic Systems.

“We could develop new regulations to regulate the technology. Well, many countries already regulate the technology,” he said.

Another thing that is currently being prepared is to regulate the flow of imports of consumer goods. Then online trading arrangements are being prepared, which are currently still quite loose.

“For example, why is imported products dominated online? Because the import inflow is too loose,” he said.

He said that online trading still does not meet standards. So many illegal and fake goods are being sold..

“So don’t think that we only regulate Tik Tok, but the whole thing. We need to protect domestic industry,” he said. (mhn/bbs)


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