Acting Governor Fatoni Launches Electronic Document Publishing Office, Completes Simultaneous Movement throughout South Sumatra

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Since the leadership era of Pj. The Governor of South Sumatra, Agus Fatoni, has launched many programs simultaneously throughout South Sumatra. And this time (Thursday, 6/6/2024) A. Fatoni again added to the list by launching the 2024 Electronic Document Issuance Office Simultaneously throughout South Sumatra which took place symbolically at the Arya Duta Hotel, Palembang.

“We would like to thank the Ministry of ATR/BPN for giving South Sumatra the opportunity to launch Electronic Document Issuance Offices in 17 Regencies/Cities in South Sumatra. This is the first complete publication in all districts/cities in Indonesia. “Because we are launching this simultaneously, I named it specifically in South Sumatra the Movement to Launch Electronic Document Publishing Offices in 2024 Simultaneously throughout South Sumatra,” he said when giving his speech.

Regarding the launching activities carried out, A. Fatoni explained that this was a form of joint commitment from the government, especially the Ministry of ATR/BPN in order to regulate land ownership rights in Indonesia.

“This is also done to accelerate development in Indonesia, especially South Sumatra. “What’s more special is that this certificate is issued electronically, electronically it is more efficient, more accountable and easy to check and easy to access, making it easier for people to keep their ownership documents,” said A. Fatoni.

He also said that the government and society should be grateful because the electronic certificates issued are not only used for state-owned assets, but also for private assets belonging to the community.

“For this reason, I urge the public to take advantage of this progress to immediately register their land ownership so that it can be certified electronically, so that land rights certificates can be more orderly and more accountable,” he said.

Virtually, the Secretary General of the Ministry of ATR/BPN RI, DR. IR. Suyus Windayana, M.APP., SC. Revealing that South Sumatra Province is the first province in Indonesia to have launched a full Electronic Document Issuance Office in all districts/cities.

‚ÄúThis program has been launched by Mr. President Ir. Joko Widodo since December 4 2023, that was the start of this ministry to put its products in electronic form. This is an important service, in the future this electronic-based service can be integrated with other data, both from institutional ministries and regional ministries. “So that when people want to check their certificates, the public can do it in real time,” he said.

He also added that the Ministry of ATR/BPN will convert all national strategic programs into electronic-based services and by 2024 it is targeted to be able to convert 4 million electronic service certificates.

“With this electronic service the data will be more real time and there will no longer be differences in the information provided to the public. “We also congratulate all levels of the ATR/BPN Office in South Sumatra, hopefully what we give today can be good for the community and all of us,” he said ending his remarks.

Meanwhile, the Head of Regional Office of the National Land Agency of South Sumatra Province, Asnawati, S.H., M.Si emphasized that with the launch of the Electronic Document Issuance Office in 17 Regencies/Cities in South Sumatra, the Regional Office of the National Land Agency of South Sumatra Province is ready at any time to serve the needs of the community in certifying their land ownership rights and the certificates issued are electronic based.

“With the implementation of electronics in South Sumatra, services will be easier to implement,
where services are carried out electronically and certificates are issued in electronic form as well. “This makes it easier for people to store their documents,” he said on that occasion.

After symbolically receiving the South Sumatra Provincial Government’s Electronic Certificate of Assets, Acting. The Governor of South Sumatra, A. Fatoni and other officials handed over Electronic Certificates to the District/City Government, BUMN, BUMD and Community Representatives.

Also present were the Director of Land and Space Registration Regulations, Director General of Determination of Land Rights and Registration, Ministry of ATR/BPN, Hasan Basri Natamenggala and Heads of Provincial OPD. South Sumatra. (mhn/ril)


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