“Kopi Sumsel” Coffee Brand from South Sumatra Initiated by the Acting Governor Fatoni

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – South Sumatra is claimed to be the largest coffee producing area. However, for how long has the Governor served in South Sumatra, there has not been a single trademark/brand of coffee products originating from South Sumatra.

The reason is not yet known, it is different from the neighboring province of Lampung which has long had a brand for its coffee production called “Kopi Lampung.” This name is widely known, as is other coffee from Sumatra, such as Gayo coffee from Aceh, Mandailing coffee and Lingtong coffee from North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Mangkuraja coffee from Bengkulu and Kerinci coffee (Jambi).

Likewise, from outside Sumatra there is Kintamani coffee from Bali and Toraja or Kalosi coffee from South Sulawesi (Sulsel), and many more.

Based on this, the Acting Governor of South Sumatra, Agus Fatoni, took the initiative to prepare a coffee brand originating from Bumi Sriwijaya. When receiving a visit from the Chairman of the South Sumatra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Affandi Udji, he expressed his desire to give a name or brand to the coffee produced by farmers in South Sumatra.

“On May 11, we plan to launch “Kopi Sumsel.” The goal is to become more widely known, even worldwide. “South Sumatra produces various types of coffee,” said Fatoni.

According to Fatoni, this is important to do considering that South Sumatra is the largest coffee producer, not only in the South Sumatra region, but also in Indonesia. “So far, people are more familiar with Lampung coffee or Gayo coffee from Aceh.”

The launch of the “Kopi Sumsel” brand will be part of the 78th anniversary of Sumses Province, and the name “Kopi Sumsel” will be determined through a Regional Regulation. (ojn/ril)


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