South Sumatra 78th Anniversary, Acting Governor Fatoni Releases Participants for a Leisurely Walk and Mass Healthy Heart Exercise

Palembang, The Indonesia Post – Acting The Governor of South Sumatra, Agus Fatoni accompanied by Acting. Chairman of the Provincial PKK Mobilization Team. South Sumatra, Tyas Fatoni took part in a leisurely walk and group gymnastics in commemoration of the Provincial Anniversary. 78th South Sumatra in 2024 with the theme “In the Spirit of the 78th Anniversary of South Sumatra Province Towards an Advanced, Independent and Prosperous South Sumatra” in the South Sumatra Governor’s Office Yard, Sunday (12/5/2024).

The leisure walking and joint exercise activities were also attended by the Provincial Secretary. South Sumatra together with the Chair of the Provincial DWP. South Sumatra and the Heads of the Provincial OPD. South Sumatra along with ASN and non-ASN staff within the South Sumatra Provincial Government.

“We are grateful that the long journey of South Sumatra Province has entered its 78th year. Let’s maintain a conducive climate, a climate that supports all activities in South Sumatra,” said Fatoni in his speech.

He also appealed for the performance and achievements achieved by the South Sumatra Provincial Government to continue to be maintained and improved.

After taking a leisurely walk, Fatoni and accompanying officials carried out a Mass Healthy Heart Exercise together which was followed by the distribution of door prizes and traditional sports competition activities which were participated in by employees (ASN and non-ASN) from every OPD within the South Sumatra Provincial Government.

The leisurely walking route taken is from the South Sumatra Governor’s Office – Jl. Ade Irma Nasution –》Jl. Anwar Sastro –》Jl. General Sudirman –》Jl. Captain Marzuki –》Jl. Papera –》Jl. Dwikora I –》Jl. Anwar Sastro –》Jl. Ade Irma Nasution –》Finish South Sumatra Governor’s Office.

Also present was the Chairman of the Provincial DPRD. South Sumatra, Hj. R.A. Anita Noeringhati, SH., MH, and Heads of Provincial OPD. South Sumatra. (ojn/ril)


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